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Hello and a warm welcome to All Pierced Out, our online body jewellery store. Offering hundreds of styles across all types of piercings. Piercing jewellery is available in sizes to suit any piercing and most body jewellery is available in different colours making it easy for you to make your selection unique to you.

Shop our huge and ever expanding range of body jewellery.

We have all the basic and popular types of body jewellery such as ball closure ringsbelly barslabret studsnose rings, barbell jewellery, through to a wide selection of ear stretching jewellery such as tapers, flesh plugs and flesh tunnels.

Fashionable body jewellery such as septum clickerssegment rings and beautiful multiple ear piercing jewellery is just a click or two away.

Navel piercings is still one of the most popular body piercings and All Pierced Out out do not disappoint in the range we offer, whether you want Titanium belly bars or steel bars with dangly designs or even bioflex pregnancy bars, All Pierced Out can offer these in a choice of great colours and sizes.

Sometimes you need to treat yourself or perhaps that special person in your life, we have a range of 9ct and 14ct Gold Body Jewellery such as 9ct gold belly rings9ct gold eyebrow bars, 9ct and 14ct barbells. Also available are stunning 9ct gold labret studs with a faceted Swarovski gem ball.

Tongue piercing is nothing new and has been around for a long time, however it is still as popular as ever. We sell body piercing barbells, gem barbells, novelty tongue bars in steel, titanium and UV. In many instances tongue piercing is not acceptable in the work place or at school so we stock clear tongue retainers and clear barbell retainers to hide them.

Alternative products for body piercing are Bioplast or PTFE, which is biocompatible, flexible, can be cut to any length and threaded with any metal ball. People who are pierced with bioplast or PTFE often experience less swelling and heal faster. There is no nickel, so no allergic reaction. They can be autoclaved and combined with any number of materials such as 316L steeltitaniumgold or UV acrylic.

All our body jewelry is tested to comply with the EU Nickel Directive we have designed our online shop for ease of use for the body piercing specialist and novice body jewellery retailer alike.

Body Jewellery from All Pierced Out is British made and of a high quality. We are proud to offer you the best jewellery at the best and most competitive prices.

Whatever you're looking for All Pierced Out is at your disposal 24/7